The showroom in planning shall be the material mirror of the Smart-Fit-In website:

in the showroom the adapted products exhibited can be touched and tried. The patients/customers can learn to order the products online with the small size enterprises. Our specialist on-site, Ms Denich, can measure them and establish the contract to the geographically distant designers and manufacturers to commission the desired clothes (online or directly by phone) and to check them on receipt to adapt if necessary.

Adapted clothes and other products shall be shown together with adapted sports granting more autonomy and being fun at the same time.

Events such as product presentations, advanced trainings taking place in the showroom can be followed live on the Smart-Fit-In website.  Also other events by members of the Association from other regions shall be transmitted there, presenting video clips, radio broadcasts etc.

Students and researchers may use the showroom to present prototypes for which they look for test persons and small sized manufacturers.

The showroom shall surprise by its innovations from the past and today; it shall intrigue the young and the old and make them identify with individual aspects from the past and present, to develop understanding for the word of the others. Unexpected solutions for unexpected problems are in the focus.