Our tailor, Doris Denich, is at your service as for now.

Doris Denich 

With her years of experience and our current advanced trainings she will alter your clothes according to your requests. She can also get you in contact with manufacturers and designers of adapted fashion and will advise you when choosing your matching clothes.

Of course Ms Denich will be available for you personally.

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1. Altered trousers in case of leg and hip injuries

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The seam of the trouser leg is unseamed and the zip fastener is sewn in in a way that it can be opened and closed from top to bottom. The person can easily and rather painlessly dress without any help.

2. Suit jacket for ladies with limitations in the movement of their hands:

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The buttons of the suit jacket were severed, Velcro fasteners where sewn on the button side and the buttonhole side, on the buttonhole side the Velcro strip was locked at the buttonholes, then the buttons were sewn on the buttonholes. So ladies with rheumatism, arthrosis or other illnesses causing pains in the hands can easily and rather painlessly open and close their suit jacket on their own.

3. Skirts for ladies with limitations in the movement of the hip and the legs:

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The side seam was unseamed, the zip fastener was sewn in in a way, that it is threaded from the top to close it more easily. Thus ladies who are severely limited in the movement of the hip and the legs and persons taking care of these ladies can put on and take off and the skirt easily.

4. Suit jacket for female wheelchair users 

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The suit consisting of a jacket and a pleated skirt for pedestrians are separated, a wheelchair jacket for ladies was tailored from it. The special thing is: at the back it is slightly longer than at the front, adapted to the wheelchair situation. A lady can thus appear equally chic with a wheelchair jacket as other female pedestrians in a suit. The jacket can be opened easily, even in the wheelchair.


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