The Smart-Fit-In network serves the cooperation between partners of various fields such as the manufacture of textile and clothing, the production of footwear and furniture, trade structures, institutions for research and education, socio-medical structures of the impaired, workshops for the handicapped, marketing agencies, institutions for art and sports as well as a religious and political representations attending to adapted products for people with disabilities and for senior citizens.

The field of aesthetic functional adapted products for people with disabilities is a niche market, the potential of which, the potential of a great market for personalised products, has hardly been paid much attention so far despite being very promising.

The interest of partners from 40 regions of Europe in the application submitted for the EU project Smart-Fit-In in 2014 has shown that micro and small scale enterprises all over Europe producing or wanting to produce adapted, personalised clothing for people with and without disabilities have similar needs for optimising the conditions of production, sales and distribution and communication.

If you want to play a part in this, if you like to get in touch with partners of the Smart-Fit-In network, please write to: