6 October 2016 – invitation to kick off the project „knowledge for everybody“ together with the University of Gent

On 6 October 2016 there will be the kick-off event for this year’s project „knowledge for everybody“ at the University of Gent. The arrangement, together with Smart-Fit-In e.V., of a barrier-free, mobile showroom cafe which will be connected to an international communication platform, belongs to the project plan as well. Small-scale enterprises, sheltered workshops, schools providing vocational education, universities, artists, athletes and others asked to contribute to the arrangement of the showroom by their products. These will be on show in order to be tested and evaluated by people with and without disabilities. Owing to a better communication between the end users of adapted products and researchers, manufacturers and the media, the marketing and distribution shall be thus improved as shown here:

everybody interested is warmly welcomed to participate directly or indirectly via Skype in order to present their products and their requests of products.

Appendix: PDF of the kick-off

29 th of July 2016 – event informing on the game AdaptierBar in Erfurt and Showroom-Café for adapted products together with the University of Gent

Unfortunately, in the first half of the year 2016, the applications for all the three project plans Smart-Fit-In participated in, have been injected. They were supposed to serve establishing an interbranch platform for adapted products  – Adapted Danube, Nevada und Senhator.

Instead, the project of a first showroom cafe can be tackled together with the University of Gent in Belgium.

Within the project „Knowledge for Everybody“ the University of Gent performed several students’ projects concerning the topic „Design for Everybody“: case 1.6

the results, together with the products for people with disabilities, already on the market, such as chic fashion, furniture and accessories from the network Smart-Fit-In and other networks shall be presented at a showroom.

In addition to the showroom, again for inclusive forming of teams shall be used to get to know more about adaptation requests by people with disabilities and to integrate them into the development of the products. You can join here:

The game was presented on 29 July 2016 at the Thex in Erfurt:

it also serves starting a survey to establish a lobby for adapted products. You can join here:

the game has been developed by Dr. Kathleen Wachowski and Olga Bogdanovich, IT business engineer with hearing impairments, new member of Smart-Fit-In e.V. And is available in German, Russian, English, French and Portuguese.

12 January 2016 

General Meeting of Smart-Fit-In e.V.

The general meeting of the Association took place in Weimar on 12 January 2016. On the agenda there was the reelection of the board of the Association, an exchange of projects for 2016 in addition to a review of 2015. For more information please contact:

24th December 2015

Gaultier-Ausstellung Weihnachtsbaum
Kathleen Wachowski in the exhibition of
Jean Paul Gaultier in Munich, in December 2015
Photo: C. Cheauré
Smart-Fit-In thanks you wholeheartedly
for all the support experienced in 2015 and,
for Christmas and the New Year 2016, wishes
you, all readers and every human being on
our planet, to listen to your own body,
your own heart and your own voice, for
the inner peace and for the benefit of all.

23th December 2015 

Crowdfunding until 4th January 2016: Meta Jeans for any position in your life at any age


After several years designing and engineering garments to improve comfort in dynamic and sedentary positions, Elazer Edelman and Miguel Carvalho from Massachusetts Institute of Technology , developed a new concept of jeans – FYT Jeans – Engineered for ComfortTM. The project is in the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter.

Smart-Fit-In supports this project and invites all self-confident fashion enthusiasts to participate in this growdfunding – until 4 January.

1 December 2015 SENHATOR – SENior and Handicap Adapted Textile products Organisation

Within the EU programme FTI (Fast track to Innovation Pilot) the project Senhator for the development of a software for adaptation facilities of designing for adapted clothing as well as for small and micro enterprises and for people with mobility restrictions was submitted; the software also aims at adapted communication and delivery service. Partners to this project are IFTH (Project manager, France), Neatek (France), Sorste (Romania) as well as – from Germany – the Hohenstein Institute and Helmut Peterseim Strickwaren from Mühlhausen. Smart-Fit-In will support the testing phase in case of an approval.

18 September 2015 Adapted Danube

this is the title of a first project (Danube Programme, BMBF) about adapted products for people with movement restrictions in the countries neighbouring the Danube. Together with the Hohenstein Institute for Textile Innovation gGmbH [according to German law a non-profit limited company], the University of Innsbruck, the textile research Institute Innovatext in Hungary, the University of Maribor in Slovenia, the University of Zagreb, the INCDTP in Romania and the technical department „Michajlo Pupin“ of the University of Novi Sad in Serbia the Association submitted an application for the performance of a common conference and for a project exchange facility on 18 September 2015. The objective is to perform an exchange of experience with researchers, manufacturers, therapists and other specialists from these countries in order to establish a common communication platform for the niche market to be developed.

September 2015 Successful Submission of the Application NEVADA (EU Programme Horizon 2020, Call INNOSUP-1-2015).

Under the management of the IT Cluster Rhenatic (France) further 16 partners from 7 countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Spain, Greece and Germany), among them also the Association Smart-Fit-In, submitted an application for the support of the establishment of an e-cluster for adapted textile products for people with disabilities and for senior citizens. It is the objective to in particular improve the productivity of micro and small enterprises with and without experience in adapted textiles and clothing for people with movement restrictions thus meeting the demands of this group of customers for chic adapted clothing in an improved way.

28 August 2015 Design meets Performance: First line with Optimised Clothing for Wheelchair Basketballers Implemented

From a first cooperation between the Hohenstein Institutes, the female designers of Eiermann & Hattenkerl, the sportswear producing enterprise Biehler Sportswear and the Reha-Sport-Bildung e.V. a first line of adapted sportswear for wheelchair basketballers has originated. For more details click here:

28.08.2015 Design meets Performance: Erste Kollektion mit optimierter Kleidung für Rollstuhl-Basketballer umgesetzt

Aus einer ersten Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Hohenstein Instituten, den Designerinnen von Eiermann & Hattenkerl, dem Sportbekleidungsunternehmen Biehler Sportswear und dem Reha-Sport-Bildung e.V. entstand eine erste Kollektion adaptierter Sportbekleidung für Rollstuhlbasketballer. Mehr dazu hier:

Meeting of the Association on 24 July 2015

On 24 July 2015 the members of the association met in Weimar. At this meeting they discussed the further arrangement of the association’s activity. Thus current projects (OI-FASHION, NEVADA) were talked about. Furthermore it was about a potential cooperation between Smart-Fit-In e.V. and students of the University of Gent to establish a showroom for adapted fashion. The homepage of the Association should be redesigned in order to improve the cooperation between manufacturers, designers, research institutions and end-users. Everybody interested is cordially invited to submit suggestions for an improved website. Contact:

Information Booth of Smart-Fit-In on the Day of „Fit also with Visual impairment “ on 2 July 2015

At the information day of the Association for People with Visual Impairments in Erfurt our association was represented as well. With games, sports and fun the visitors could get informed on the sporting activities of people with visual impairments. At our booth people interested could try on adapted clothing, make contacts (e.g. between “Eyepatch Factory“ – fashionable eye patches by Alexandra Lein and the Blindenkegelverein Thüringen [nine pins bowling club for the blind]) and learn more about Smart-Fit-In and its members. Together with the Sehbehindertenverband Erfurt [Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired] first plans about a presentation of “J’ai pas vu“ (further education of cosmeticians and visually impaired women in make-up) with Wicci for the World could be made. Kathleen Wachowski also got into a conversation with the Commissioner for the Disabled of the party “Die Linke“ – “The Left“ of the Thuringian Landtag [state parliament], Ms Stange who deems the projects of Smart-Fit-In worth supporting.

3 June 2015 Meeting of the Association Smart-Fit-In

On 3 June 2015 a meeting of the Association took place in the operational rooms of the company Helmut Peterseim Strickwaren [knitwear] of Mühlhausen. The participants were members and guests of the Association “Smart-Fit-In e.V.“.

According to the conception of the people present they were presented a fashion portfolio by Helmut Peterseim Strickwaren for people with limitations of movement.

Afterwards the current situation of adapted fashion and the problems of the textile and clothing industry in Germany were discussed.

The lively discussion was followed by an interesting guided tour through the premises of the plant of Peterseim Strickwaren.

Finally the members conferred about the future direction of development of the Association.

On 2 June 2015 Wicci for the World will open another Beauty Centre for visually impaired people in Tours, France.                    

Wicci for the World is a partner of the Association Smart-Fit-In and a global organisation promoting the highest professional standards for spin doctors. Its international team (France, Belgium, Portugal) organises fashion and beauty events for enterprises.

Since 2010 the spin doctors Wicci for the World have been escorting people with and without impairments concerning the favourable image cultivation and the presentation of the highest potentials. Wicci for the World provides consultations in three key areas of visual impressions: the physical appearance, conduct and communication. The areas of expertise a spin doctor can offer are: fashion and beauty events, photo sessions, personal shopping services, designers of clothes and uniforms, hair and make-up styling, consultants for social graces, image motivation trainer or moderator, image marketing.