Smart-Fit-In – an international interbranch network for:

SMART, intelligently made products, which keep FIT and healthy, which are comfy and IN, aesthetically appealing, in vogue and in connection with the internal power of people.

That‘s what adapted and personalised products for people with restrictions of movement should be, our network of researchers, manufacturers and users work on the development of that. Textiles, shoes, sports equipment, furniture, jewellery and other accessories shall support the autonomy and inclusion of these people and make work for carers and attendants easier.

We focus these forces in order to develop the communication between researchers, manufacturers and people with restrictions of movement into a productive exchange.

This website serves as a communication platform for all participants. Why?

„There are more than 50 million disabled people in the European Union (10% of the population) whereas people exceeding the age of 65 years represent 17% of the entire population (89 million in the year 2008). This figure is expected to rise up to 29% until the year 2050. This very large group of European citizens creates fast-growing consumer markets with particular demands as regards personally adapted products such as textiles, shoes and furniture. The demand for customisation of disabled people is immense and has so far been mainly covered by small sized manufacturers offering products which often are rather functional but not always very fashionable. Also elderly people have pronounced needs to keep up their mobility and to make their everyday life easier. This trend, with the fast rise of the global market of the “silver economy” yielding a turnover of €92 billion in 2013, becomes more and more important for Europe.

Despite the huge market and the technological availability the needs of disabled and elderly consumers are not appropriately considered. Retailers as well as proprietors of trademarks are mainly interested in distributing products which are oriented to the mass markets, produced in low-wage countries, whereas online shopping presently cannot satisfy this category of consumers as textiles bought online have to be adapted in most cases. The same needs occur with shoes and furniture, but adaptions are not possible in most cases.“ From the application for the EU-Project_NMP35-2014, Horizon2020.

This very large group of people communicates – to a very low extent – its needs for clothes or other adapted products granting them aesthetic as well as functional freedom without barriers.     On this website adapted products, in particular clothes as well as product ideas are presented and contacts to researchers, manufacturers and designers are suggested. You will also find support programmes concerning the development of adapted products or communication.     Visible public relation shall sensibilise in favour of the needs of people with limitations of their movement and mobility and make solutions known worldwide. For this purpose our network also includes journalists, marketing councillors for senior citizens, commissioners for the disabled, artists, athletes and many others.    

Our association Smart-Fit-In established in Elxleben (Thuringia) in 2014 shall be the main hub for actively interested people of all industries for interbranch cooperation.    

Please contact us – we are looking forward to it. If you want to become a member, write us:

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